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This is 
Bedouin star

What makes us different
Experience staying in a room on the beach holidays,
close to the swimming pool with Red sea view

Bedouin star is the only camp in Ras shitan with a swimming pool close to the sea


We are a small camp, where we give our guests a great holiday.

Bedouin Star is a unique beach holiday experience. Our small camp is located on Ras shitan Nuweiba Egypt a poplular beach area and offers 5 kind of rooms. Our findings showed that our different kind of rooms gives an ideal beach holiday for all kinds of travellers.


Our Story

Year founded

3k +
Yearly guests

Lots of returning guests


New 5
different kind of rooms

More than a decade of experience in giving a great holiday experiene


We are a beach camp in Ras shitan Nuweiba Egypt. We choose for Ras shitan as it is one of the most beautiful beach areas in the world.

Bedouin star camp started 1 January 2010 by planting bougainvillea and trees  

We are proud of the trust of more than 3.000 guests yearly, which of many returning guests who became our friends.

Throughout the years demand of our rooms was high and so we grew the beach until it is today 2023, trying to find a balance between high demand, different kind of rooms and possible number of rooms.

Our Rooms

Bungalow with private bathroom

Bedouin star Ras shitan Egypt swimming pool.jpg

Swimming pool

Air condition in

all bungalows 



Achievements; why people like on the beach in Nuweiba holidays

  • Bungalows with private bathroom and ceramic floor inside the bungalow and the terrace.

  • Our swimming pool, it is a big hit. Our swimming pool is very popular, someone refered in a review the cherry on top of the cake.

  • Air condition in all our bungalows and actually before we could try the air condition if it worked the bungalow was occupied with happy guests. 

  • All our bungalow have cement floor, no more sand floor inside the bungalow.

  • New our Studios

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Location: Ras shitan Nuweiba Egypt

Location Bedouin star in Google maps

How to travel from all over the world to Bedouin star in Ras shitan Nuweiba Egypt

Arriving at:

Eilat Israel / Taba Egypt: here will be taxis waiting at the border, tell them you want to go to Bedouin Star (Hassein) in Ras Shetan close to the supermarket

For booking a flight we use the following sites or


* Check the indicated air companies in their own website

* Holiday companies as Tui also offer only airplane tickets without hotel booking

Sharm el Sheikh airport: there will be taxis waiting outside the airport door,  tell them you want to go to Bedouin Star in Nuweiba - Ras Shetan close to the supermarket

In case tell the taxi driver the place in Ras Shetan with a swimming pool.

Cairo: * Own car
* By Airplane from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh from there a taxi to our beach
* Private taxi from Cairo
* Public bus from Cairo 
East Delta bus telephone 20 693 660600
Superjet bus telephone 20 693 661622


We are always happy to answer any question you have.

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