Bedouin Star camp
Ras shetan area Nuweiba beach of Egypt

We have different kind of accommodation to choose from based on your needs.
Popular Room: Bungalow with private bathroom and Air condition 

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Bedouin Star 
The best beach camp in Ras shetan area Nuweiba Egypt beach

Bedouin Star camp is perfect for all seasons

Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy the sun in the winter and relax with your friends, a romantic getaway in winter or a family vacation in summer, Bedouin Star is your ultimate destination at the beach of Egypt at Ras shetan.

Incredible swimming pool sea view

Bungalow Egypt

We offer 4 types of beach rooms so you can choose the best option for you.

Our Bungalows with private bathrooms, air condition, and a private terrace.

Standard bungalows have shared bathrooms, air condition and private terrace.

Double Standard bungalow Fan have shared bathroom and fan

and our Husha are bamboo huts with Fan and shared bathrooms.

It's the perfect escape from the busy world outside.

Stay with us for a perfect beach experience
Bedouin Star is a beach camp at Ras shetan area in Nuweiba Egypt with high standard of comfort, cleanliness and hospitality. We offer beach bungalows with private bathrooms and shared bathrooms or Hushas to experience the local culture

Bedouin Star camp
Home away from home

Our staff is always happy to help you enjoy your stay with us so please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. Here at the Bedouin Star we put your comfort first!

Bedouin Star Ras shitan camp sunrise swimming pool

Sunrise Swimmingpool with sea view at Bedouin Star - Ras shitan area

Your perfect escape

The perfect escape from the busy world outside.

In search of a place to bask in summer sun, dip in the sea, and explore the sands? We've got you covered. Come to Bedouin Star, a secluded beach camp in Ras shitan area Nuweiba for those seeking a unique beach experience at an unbeatable price!

Explore the sands

To fully appreciate the beauty of this place, it's best to walk through it. With so many activities on offer, you'll never be bored. Choose from snorkeling the beautiful reef in front of our beach, day or half day trip in the desert, swimming, walking or just to relax

Beside there are amazing areas to explore and enjoy visiting them with a safari. 


The perfect spot for spectacular sunrises

Bedouin Star is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Egypt. Spend your morning or evening on our expansive terrace overlooking the sea and watch as the sky turns pink and purple - you'll be mesmerized!


We've got your needs covered

All of our rooms come with 24/7 electricity, private terraces and garden, WiFi access in our restaurant - meaning that you can enjoy all of Bedouin Star's benefits without worrying about anything else back at home!

  • Reception desk. 

  • Safari tour office

  • Flexible Check in - out, just let us know before

  • Taxi airport service, mail us for the price

  • Free WiFi - Internet in public area 2 hours in the morning 2 hours in the afternoon

  • Snorkel private reef, recommended to bring own snorkel gear

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway in winter or a family vacation in summer, Bedouin Star is your ultimate destination. With convenient travel options from Eilat Israel / Taba Egypt, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and Nuweiba, tell the driver to bring you to the only camp in Ras shitan with a swimming pool,  Bedouin Star has everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

Bedouin Star Ras shitan

Enjoying the nights 
Bedouin Star in
ras shetan Egypt

Bedouin Star Ras shitan

Snorkeling in front of our beach Ras shetan
Sinai beach Egypt
Like swimming in an aquarium

Bedouin Star Ras shaitan

Our restaurant on site
Cafetaria we serve cold and hot drinks


A beautiful place, clean, organized (toilets, sheets, wifi), worth the price and more.
Very welcoming, kind and genarouse owner and people in general👌

a beautiful place, wonderful atmosphere, the best place to be on vacation in Ras shetan.

Beautiful place! A big thank you to Hussein and his team for making our stay amazing. Good food and very clean. Definitely coming back soon

(חוף בראס השטן) "bedouin star"

חוף אינטימי (הכל צמוד להכל) יפייפה! (מטופח להפליא, מלא צמחייה ופרחים) החוף הכי הכי נקי שהייתי בו אי פעם בסיני! החוף, החדרים, המטבח, השירותים - הכל כמו בית מרקחת! השירותים/מקלחות בכל רגע ביום מצוחצחים עם נייר טואלט וסבון. אוכל מעלף שמגיע בטיל. חשמל וווי פיי כל הזמן. נואיבה


Bedouin Star - Ras shitan -Nuweiba beach Location
Check us in Google maps

Bedouin Star is located at Ras shetan area close to the supermarket.

Coming from Eilat / Taba border it takes about 45 minutes by taxi.

Nuweiba city is about 15 minutes by taxi here you can find the pharmacy, ATM, Post office.

The Busstation and Ferry is in Nuweiba port about 40 minutes by taxi

Dahab - 1 hour by taxi

Sharm el Sheikh 1.5 - 2 hour by taxi 

Bedouin star 

Ras shitan


Nuweiba port

Bedouin Star Ras shitan Nuweiba Sinai Egypt Location.jpg

Easy travelling to
Bedouin Star - Ras shetan - Nuweiba Sinai Egypt 

Bedouin Star - Ras shitan Egypt
Travelling from
* Eilat/Taba border
* Sharm el Sheikh airport
* Cairo
Check us in Google maps

Arriving at:

Eilat Israel / Taba Egypt: here will be taxis waiting at the border, tell them you want to go to Bedouin Star (Hassein) in Ras Shetan close to the supermarket

In case tell the taxi driver the place in Ras Shetan with a swimming pool.

Sharm el Sheikh airport: there will be taxis waiting outside the airport door,  tell them you want to go to Bedouin Star in Nuweiba - Ras Shetan close to the supermarket
In case tell the taxi driver the place in Ras Shetan with a swimming pool.

Cairo: * Own car

* By Airplane from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh from there a taxi to our beach

* Private taxi from Cairo

* Public bus from Cairo 


East Delta bus telephone 20 693 660600

Superjet bus telephone 20 693 661622

How to book your beach room

Book your Beach accommodation

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No resort fee or booking fees

Booking is easy! Our no-hassle booking system does not charge any extra fees on top of the price of the room so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about unexpected expenses.

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Ras shitan - Nuweiba - beach of Egypt