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Winter sun at the beaches in Sinai Egypt

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Bedouin Star Ras shetan, beach of egypt
Beach of Egypt in winter

Winter has come, days are shorter and evenings longer.

Actually here at the beach in Ras shetan the difference in day and night during summer or winter is not so many hours as in Europe.

Winter is a great time to spend at Egypt beaches, sunny days with Sinai cloud are normal in the winter. Of course also here we have a fresh day but in general we enjoy sunny days. With temperatures around 20c degrees during day time, it is very comfortable.

Winter time is great for making long walks along the sea, or to make a (half) day trip inside the high mountains of the desert.

There is so much to explore.

Sinai cloud, are amazing clouds almost like paintings with enough space to let the sun show herself.

Are you looking for winter sun, you will enjoy the beach in Egypt with a moderate winter. Bring some nice warm clothes in the evening and of course for the day sun creme.

We have 2 kind of bungalows which are great in the winter, our Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom and our Standard bungalow with shared bathroom

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at Bedouin Star beach camp Ras shetan Nuweiba

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