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Did you think, great beach but where are they located in Sinai Egypt

Updated: Jul 7

We are located at popular Ras shetan area

If you search for Ras shetan on the internet you will see that Ras shetan is one of the best beaches in Egypt

Ras shetan is famous for the excellent coral reef and beach camps

We are at the northern part of the area, where we have amazing view to the mountains at the other side of the sea. The mountains which treat us with spectacular sunrise and sunset views

Ras shetan is the name of a beach area in Nuweiba about 20 minutes drive from Nuweiba city and 45 minutes from Taba border

For a quick position look you can see us below in Google maps or check our website https://www.bedouinstar.org here we have in the home page down a detailed description

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