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How is the weather in January in Egypt? Pleasant days, great winter time

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Bedouin Star Ras shetan beach of Egypt
January weather at Bedouin Star beach camp

How is the weather in January at the beach in Sinai Egypt

Egypt in winter has moderate days and that makes January a enjoyable time to stay.

During the day mostly sunny with some clouds, some days can be cloudy but still warm. The clouds throughout the day give great sunsets.

The nights are fresh and we love to sit near the fire and drink lots of tea.

January is a great month to still catch some sun, therefore it is best to bring some sun creme and t shirt for day time but also warm clothes for the evenings.

Who stays in January in Egypt at the beach

We see many people who had to work during the holidays in December or people who needed a break from the weather in their home country, or a break in between exams, work pressure

There are also people who buy a local sim card and work from here.

This makes January a great time to be at the beach, mixed kind of people from everywhere around the world. All together in the evening around the fire.

Bedouin Star ras shetan nuweiba Egypt
Beautiful sunset sky at Bedouin Star beach

How is the sea water

The sea water is not as comfortable as in the summer time, but still people take a swim now and than.

But most of the people who come in this month enjoy the sun and some little trips near the place.

As Weather and climate website says:

You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 21.0°C (69.8°F). January is known as one of the best months to visit Nuweiba.


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Nuweiba in holidays time


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