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February weather at the beach in Egypt, feel and be happy spring is in the air

Updated: Jul 8

Weather in Egypt in February

Normally sunny in the days and fresh in the evenings.

Temperature in Egypt

* With an average temperature in the day of 22.5c degrees it really starts to feel that spring is in the air. Flowers and trees are slowly starting to wake up.

* The sea water temperature is around 21c degrees, although it sounds good you will not see many people in the Red sea.

Bedouin Star, Sinai Egypt
Sunny days at the beach in February

February weather Egypt

At the beach is a great month for exploring the area around the beach at Ras shetan and Nuweiba, doing some half day trips. And of course to catch some sun, find yourself a nice corner for sunbathing.

How hot is Egypt

As during the days the temperature is slowly increasing with nice sunny days, the evenings still can be fresh. Therefore most of our guests prefer to stay in our Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom and hot shower. But any of our Bungalows or Husha have blankets on the beds and if you need more blankets just let us know

What is the average temperature in Egypt

With an average of 22.5 c degree in the day and 18 c degree at night. This time of the year, the best is to bring different light clothes for the day and some warmer clothes for the evenings.

Average rainfall in Egypt

In February we are happy to have 1 day of some rain, with an average rainfall of 2mm.

Is February a good time to go to Egypt?

If you want to explore the area and make beautiful trips in the mountains or to visit the cities nearby February is a great time to visit, with nice sunny days and fresh nights

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