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How is the weather in December at the beach in Ras shitan Nuweiba Egypt

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Weather in December in Egypt

Many people ask us how is the weather in Ras shitan in December. Unfortunately we do not know what the weather will bring us in the future.

But thinking about the last few years we can tell you that the weather in December at the beach during the day was very nice, with sunny days and fresh nights. From the beginning of December the temperature will be slightly declining towards the end of December. Still the end of December the days are sunny and nice, sometimes there is a moderate wind but find yourself a corner and you will be perfect for sunbathing.

Clothes advise for Egypt weather in December

We advise you to bring warm clothes for the evenings, and t-shirt and short for the day, although some days a light sweater can also be nice, the weather in ras shitan is not every day the same in December.

Your bed has a blanket and if you need extra blanket just let us know, we take care of you

Welcome in December at the beach in Egypt

Amazing sunsets in December at the beach in Ras shetan Nuweiba Egypt
Amazing sunsets in December at the beach in Egypt

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