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We are open again in Sinai Egypt - אנו פתוחים שוב בסיני במצרים


We are open again you are most welcome at Bedouin Star beach camp in Ras shetan Nuweiba Sinai Egypt

You can book your room in our Facebook messenger check our👇👇 Facebook messenger 👇

👉👉 https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan 👈👈

Lots of beach information also in our Facebook messenger

🔆🌼 We have photos of our rooms inside and outside.

🎯↘↙ Information about directions

👙🏊 Photo of our swimming pool 💖

.👉👉 Check our prices 👈👈

We wrote our Facebook messenger bot in English - Italian - Français - Nederlands - Norsk - Español - עברית

Check here 👉👉 https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan 👈👈


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