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Our popular swimming pool is ready for you, it is holiday in Nuweiba

Updated: Jul 13

Sea view swimming pool at the beach
Bedouin Star Swimming pool Holiday in Nuweiba - Ras shetan

April a beautiful time for holiday

What is so great about April at the beach in Ras shetan Nuweiba.

It is just before the summer, the temperature is very nice. Time for enjoying the water of the sea and very popular our swimming pool.

Our swimming pool at Ras shetan Nuweiba is ready for you!

The swimming pool is open day and night, think about a nice swim in the evenings under the stars.

A refreshing dive during the day. Reading books on one of the floating mattresses. Just relaxing to the max.

April the beauty of the spring also during your holiday in Nuweiba at the beach.

You can see birds flying over the sea from the south to the north, flowers start opening and showing their beauty.

If you want to stay with us we have 4 kind of rooms, choose which one is most comfortable for you

Overview of all our rooms:


Bungalow with private bathroom and air condition


Standard bungalow with shared bathroom and air condition or fan


Husha/bamboo hut with shared bathroom and fan


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Our popular swimming pool is ready for you, it is holiday in Nuweiba


Drive the spectacular sea road from Ras shetan to Nuweiba beach Egypt


Our Husha in Sinai


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