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Great camp at Ras shetan Nuweiba Sinai with crazy sea view swimming pool

Updated: Jul 8

Nuweiba Sinai

It is possible that you stay at the beach in a camp, a place with temporary accommodation of huts, bungalow used for travellers*

Bedouin Star Ras shetan Nuweiba Sinai camp
Bedouin Star Nuweiba Sinai camp

How to go to Bedouin Star camp

Tell the taxi driver you want to go to Bedouin Star camp in Ras Shetan the only camp in Ras shetan with a swimming pool

Nuweiba - Taba

In the area of Nuweiba to Taba there are many camps all in their own style and their own idea. This meaning that you can not say (anymore) there is one description of a camp. Maybe the common idea of all camps is that you feel free and that you can stay in a room at the beach.


The traditional rooms in Nuweiba Sinai camps are the Husha, a bamboo hut with shared bathroom and which is used by the Bedouin for decades as it is cool in the summer.

Camp with pool

Bedouin Star camp is located in Ras shetan, an area north of Nuweiba city centre.

Check our beach blog about our location https://www.bedouinstar.org/post/were-are-we-located-in-sinai-egypt

Our camp is a bit different than any other camp in Ras shetan as we have a very popular swimming pool. Around the swimming pool with umbrellas you can enjoy the view of the pool and the Red sea from a chaise lounge

Bungalow with private bathroom and Air condition

Our beach camp has different kind of accommodation everyone can choose which kind of room covers your needs.

Popular is our Bungalow with private bathroom and Air condition

As in tradition we also have Standard bungalow with shared bathroom, you can choose for this bungalow with Air condition or Fan

Our bamboo huts are called husha, simple traditional rooms with shared bathroom fan and a bed

Overview of all our rooms:


Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom and air condition


Standard bungalow with shared bathroom and air condition or fan


Husha/bamboo hut with shared bathroom and fan


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Great camp at Ras shetan Nuweiba Sinai with crazy sea view swimming pool


Drive the spectacular sea road from Ras shetan to Nuweiba beach Egypt


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