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Drive the spectacular sea road from Ras shetan to Nuweiba beach Egypt

Updated: Jun 22

Camel resting from the walk from Ras shetan to Nuweiba city ☀

Nuweiba is a long stretched beach area, we are in Ras shetan Nuweiba which is about 20 minutes drive north of Nuweiba city. Do not forget to drive this spectacular road from Ras shetan to Nuweiba.

A spectacular road winding along the sea, will bring you to amazing views of the sea and the mountains. The beautiful view of the sea with the different bright blue colour created by the coral reef, sand and the sun. On the other side of the road the mountains are almost like paintings with their remarkable orange, yellow colour. One of the most beautiful roads in the world, an amazing drive.

We know you want to see a photo now of the road, but this is something you have to experience and not have seen before on a photo

The road winds along the sea

Nuweiba shops

Beside the beach area, Nuweiba is not only a beach in Egypt, Nuweiba is a small city where you can find some interesting shops

In the picture below we tried to show you the places.

Nuweiba city has a hospital, pharmacy, post office, supermarkets, a vodafone shop and several shops where souvenirs can be bought. There is also a cash machine which accept meastro and visa

nuweiba beach egypt
Drive Nuweiba Egypt

Near the main road (passing Nuweiba city) there is a gas station

In case you need to go to a barber, there are in the main street several barbers.

When visiting Nuweiba the best time is in the evening, especially during the summer months. During the day time you will find empty streets and shops are closed or only open when you show you want to enter.

If you want to watch an important soccer game you might have luck that the tea bar in the main street shows it on a big television.

Nuweiba bank

If you need a bank, there are 3 banks in Nuweiba port, these banks have cash machines outside but you can also enter the bank.

The banks are in the main street to the entrance of the ferry area, here you will arrive if you come from Jordan by ferry.

Nuweiba port is about 15 minutes drive south of Nuweiba city.

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Drive the spectacular sea road from Ras shetan to Nuweiba beach Egypt


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