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Nuweiba holidays is special for all kind of people from all over the world

Updated: Jan 11

Nuweiba in holidays time is an international community, people from all over the world visit Nuweiba for her beautiful stretched beaches. Fall in love with the Red sea and the mountains in the back, and feeling relaxed due to the laid back atmosphere. Holiday in Nuweiba is a holiday to rest and to enjoy the friendly people.

You will hear locals say, we do not travel the world, the world travels to us.

The beaches with their small camps, everyone has a choice to choose their favourite beach.

We are at Ras shetan beach about 25 minutes drive north of Nuweiba City, see map

Some families stay for generations with us and come weekly to enjoy the weekend.

Bedouin Star - Ras shetan - Nuweiba
Relax it is Holiday time at Bedouin Star - Ras shetan - Nuweiba

Actually Nuweiba in holidays time is year around, with beautiful spring in which the flowers at the beach start to be happy, the summer with many people enjoying the sea for hours. The temperature of the water so comfortable that snorkelling near the coral reef is a pleasure for hours without getting cold (be aware, do not touch the coral!)

The autumn with great temperature for staying at the beach but also for doing some trips in the area. The winter time when most of the countries have little sun and lots of rain, in Nuweiba we still have sunny days with little to no rain. Winter is amazing you will find corners where you still can do sunbathing while it is around 22c degrees.

Bedouin Star in winter time (photo taken in 15 December)

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Nuweiba holidays is special for all kind of people from all over the world


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