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Nuweiba camps where people Love staying for a special holiday

Updated: Jun 22

Nuweiba camps different beach holiday, join the thousands of people who are returning every year

The camps of Nuweiba if you look in Google you will see that Nuweiba starts about 50 kilometre north of the city centre with beach areas from north to south called as Bir Sweir, Ras el Barqa, Mahash, El hadid, Ras shetan, Lami beach, Um Umregha, and in Nuweiba city, Tarabin, Duna and port in the south.

Each beach area has is own characteristics.

Bedouin Star camp is at Ras shetan beach, a famous beach area with an easy to access coral reef.

We are proud to say that we are the only camp in Ras shetan with a very popular swimming pool. Check our page of our swimming pool bedouinstar.org/rasshetan-swimming-pool

You can stay with us at the beach in a Bungalow with private bathroom and Air condition click here, or Double or Triple Standard bungalow with Air condition and shared bathroom click here or a Husha with Fan and shared bathroom click here see all our beach rooms bedouinstar.org/best-beach-in-egypt-beach-rooms

People love to go to Ras shetan area, it is an area outside the busy of Nuweiba city but still with some facilities as a supermarket and a laundry shop.

The area has a beautiful natural surrounding, sandwiched between the sea and the amazing mountains of the desert.

People from all over the world come to enjoy the experience of staying in a camp in Nuweiba. Staying in a camp is unique for Nuweiba area which you will not find in many parts of the world.

The camps are normally at the beach within 100 / 200 meter from the sea. You will sleep in (small) cabins, called Husha (bamboo hut), bungalow some rooms with or without private bathroom or Air condition or Fan but all located at the beach.

The camps all have their own restaurants and serve mostly local food and some European food.

Don't be mistaken as camps can be of good quality people sometimes think a camp can be compared to a hotel, although all camps try to do their most best to give guest a beautiful experience, still the camps of Nuweiba are a most of all a nature experience. No Hilton hotel in Dubai experience.

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Nuweiba camps different beach holiday, join the thousands of people who are returning every year


Do you look for a mind blowing beach holiday near a paradise sea?


April a beautiful time for holiday


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Nuweiba camps is not just a few camps, today May 2022 we will give you an impression of some *camps

Nuweiba camps in Bir Sweir area: Al Tarek Camp, Alexandria Beach, Aqua Sun, Asala Beach, Barracuda Camp, Bella Donna Camp, Diana Beach, Good Life, Half Moon Beach, Magic Land, Miami Beach, Paradise Sweir, Shanti Camp, Trankila Beach, White Sand Camp

Nuweiba camps in Ras el Barqa area: Ananda Camp, Antika Beach, Aqua Sun, Basata, Bella Sina, Crazy Horse Resort, Moonlight Camp, Queen Taba Camp, Salama Abdo Camp

Nuweiba camps in Mahash area: Bawaki Beach Hotel, Dayra Camp, Eden Camp, Ibrahim Camp, Maayan Recovery Camp, Makati Camp, Rossa Beach, Sawa Camp, Sondos Camp, Yasmina Camp

Nuweiba camps in El hadid: Misho camp, Bedouin Home Camp, Dolphin Camp, Holiday Resort Taba, Sonesta Beach Resort

Nuweiba camps in Ras Shaitan area: Sinai life, Sea horse, Botique camp, Wish washi camp, Bamba camp, Bedouin Star, Wahala camp, Happy camp, African touql, Little head, adam camp, Sahara beach camp, Ramadan camp, Medition village, Adam camp, Castle beach, Ayash (Ras Sinai), New Moon Island, Moon Island

Nuweiba camps in Lami beach area: Cleopatra, Freedom camp, Maagana, Rock Sea

Nuweiba camps in Um Umregha area: Alchemy Camp, Bawadi Camp, Bossa Nova, Kum Kum 3 (Bakraj 3)

Nuweiba camps in Tarabin area: Blue Bus Camp, Camp David, El Badawy, Gamal Camp, H'la Camp, Mermaid Resort, Mondial Village, Nakhil Inn & Dream, Petra Camp, Prince Home, Sababa Camp, Saraya Beach, Soft Beach Camp

Nuweiba camps in Nuweiba city area: City Beach, El Waha Village, Habiba Village, Helnan Nuweiba Bay

Nuweiba camps in Duna area: Ayla Beach Camp, Big Dune, Casa del Mare, Ciao Hotel, Green Beach, La Sirene, Sultana Village, Zoola Beach

Nuweiba camps and hotels in Port in the south of Nuweiba Eleria Beach Resort, Marinta Hotel, Regina Resort, Sayadeen Village, Swisscare Resort Hotel, Hilton Nuweiba Coral Resort

Source *https://nuweibabeach. com/

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