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Nuweiba beaches, an amazing place in Egypt away from the big beach cities

Updated: Jan 12

Nuweiba beaches is a long stretched beach area in Egypt, with famous beaches from north of the city until south of the city. Nuweiba is a beautiful holiday place

South of the city you also have Nuweiba port where you will arrive or departure by ferry from or to Aqaba Jordan. Outside the ferry area, there will be taxis waiting for you to bring you where you want to go. In Nuweiba port there are also many banks and even a bus station. The most used transport to come and go to Nuweiba beaches are taxis.

Bedouin Star Ras shetan Nuweiba Egypt
Bedouin Star Ras shetan beach of Nuweiba

One of Egypt best beaches is Ras shetan and beach area north of Nuweiba city.

Ras shetan is known decades, starting with simple camps and now grown to great camps where everybody can find a place to its needs.

Ras shetan is a beach area with beautiful sea life, you can snorkel for hours near the long coral reef. There are entrances where it is easy to enter the sea and swim to the coral reef.

Bedouin Star Ras shetan Nuweiba beaches
Bedouin Star Nuweiba beaches

Bedouin Star is north of Ras shetan, about 10 minutes walk from the supermarket on the main road. Also there are Bedouin woman who visit our camp with their assortment of nice souvenirs and hand made jewellery.

In general beaches in Nuweiba are comfortable to reach, the most used transportation is by taxi if you come from Sharm el Sheik or Taba. If you come from Cairo, you can take an air plane to Sharm el Sheikh or a mini bus called webus which bring you to the beach

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Nuweiba beaches, an amazing place in Egypt away from the big beach cities