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Meditation moment at Bedouin Star beach camp

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Sinai is loved by people also for the feeling of natural meditation

When you are in Sinai you will see many different kind of people, on different ages all mixed together and enjoying

Early in the morning when the sun is rising, the early birds will start to unfold their yoga mattresses and practise their yoga

There are also many groups who come especially to Sinai for the spiritual environment.

Meditation by surprise

Even if you are not in yoga like many other people visiting Sinai, do not be surprised when Sinai will bring you to a meditation moment.

The sound of the sea, the sun and the mountains in the back, you are not the first person neither the last person who is taken into a spontaneous meditation by surprise

We have created many corners, hammocks and seats for you to relax and to dream away, and maybe you will also be caught by a spontaneous meditation moment.

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