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Have you seen the most natural holiday room, our popular Husha in Sinai?

Updated: Mar 30

A Husha in Sinai is a traditional room which the Bedouin have been making for decades. The word Husha most probably is only used here in Sinai Egypt and can be translated as bamboo hut.

The Husha is a perfect room for holidays in Sinai, the Husha will stay cool from inside and the bamboo walls will make the breeze from the Red sea go inside softly as a natural air conditioning. The Hushas are still popular by many guests until today.

Our number 1 Husha are the first line to the sea Hushas which are the first taken.

It is an amazing experience to stay in a Husha just a few meters from the sea, when you open the door you will feel the energy of the Red sea with the morning sun directly.

Therefore we build as many Husha as possible with a view to the Red sea.

We have Husha until 4 or even 5 people inside, click here for more information about our Husha https://www.bedouinstar.org/beach-room-husha

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Have you seen the most natural holiday room, our popular Husha in Sinai?https://local.google.com/place?id=10859440468653818870&use=posts&lpsid=CIHM0ogKEICAgICmz-C6ggE

February weather at the beach in Egypt, feel and be happy spring is in the air