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Holidays Sharm el Sheikh or staying at a remarkable beach?

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Bedouin Star Ras shetan
Bedouin Star beach by night, how many stars you want

Wondering why so many people enjoy staying with us Bedouin Star "the remarkable beach" in Ras shetan Nuweiba and do not want to stay in Sharm el Sheikh

The biggest difference is that your room with us is really meters from the sea as in Sharm el Sheikh the beach is only for sunbathing, your room will be far away from the sea.

Just imagine it for a second, you can hear the sea from your room

* TOP 5 reasons of staying at Bedouin Star beach

  1. Do you want 5 stars or a million stars

  2. Use your freshly made breakfast-lunch-dinner where you like, near the sea, at the terrace of your bungalow or husha, near the swimming pool, in one of the seats at the beach and of as in a hotel you can also enjoy it in our restaurant

  3. Come as a guest leave as a friend

  4. Your hammock is waiting for you

  5. We are a small personal place, no mass tourism, you are not a number

There is only 1 negative side, most of our guests do not want to leave

Great place for breakfast at beach of egypt
Great place our for breakfast at beach of egypt

Have your breakfast in the terrace of our standard bungalow or below in our beach restaurant

Bedouin house restaurant
Bedouin Star restaurant


* Our bungalow and husha

Remarkable about staying with us, you will be staying in a bungalow or a husha/bamboo hut at the beach. All of them have a terrace and a large garden around, where you can relax and make yourself comfortable.

At the beach close to the sea and swimming pool we have created corners with pillows and chaise lounge, no it is not necessarily to wake up early to put a towel to show where you will be staying during the day, there is enough for everyone.

If you are curious about our beach rooms, https://www.bedouinstar.org/best-beach-in-egypt-beach-rooms or check our menu, rooms and rates

Do you wonder now how to get to us, there are convenient ways from Sharm el Sheikh airport, Dahab, Cairo, Taba border.

Because we love our beach, we are also remarkable in social media and we post regularly blog posts.

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Of course if you are here or still at home and have any questions, just let us know we will be happy to answer in a chat in our website, social media or email

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