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Feel the pleasant days and enjoy vacation feeling at the beach

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Are you ready for a dive in the swimmingpool or the sea? Actually with sea temprature of 25 C degrees as Google says, it is really enjoyable, and Yes yesterday there were many people in the water snorkeling and swimming. Yes it is possible

And Bedouin Star makes it now even more atractive to come to Ras shetan Nuweiba Sinai, we have a great discount for staying in our Husha

** HUSHA WINTER SUN SALE ** @ Bedouin Star camp Ras shitan Sinai

Check our Husha for our sale price

The more people you are in a Husha the bigger your discount, take your friends with you and you will have shared pleasure.

Maximum there can be 4 people in a Husha

Did you check our prices already, this is the direct link to our Husha https://www.bedouinstar.org/husha

You can also find the information comfortable in at our Facebook messenger and if you have any question we will be there to answer https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan

Beside our Husha with Fan and shared bathroom we also have


* Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom

* Standard bungalow with shared bathroom

have Air-conditioning at Bedouin Star camp Ras shitan Sinai

If you want to see photos of our Deluxe bungalow - Standard bungalow or Husha

Check our chat manager in Facebook messenger https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan Or our website www.bedouinstar.org

👙🏊 Photo of our swimming pool 💖

.👉👉 Check our prices 👈👈

🔆🌼 We have photos of our rooms inside and outside

🎯↘↙ Information about directions

In messenger we wrote the information for you in English - עברית


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