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Energetic holiday weather at the beach in Egypt makes you happy

Updated: Jul 14

Weather in Egypt

Dreaming away at the beach

Weather is changing, with sunny days and fresh nights it is a perfect time to be here.

Watch the birds going to the south coming from Europe, see how the nature changes. The flowers and trees are happy with the weather

Did you see that we have made our website in different languages

Check our website if your language is also there www.bedouinstar.org now also available in עִברִית, Deutsch, Nederlands, Français and much more

You can also find the information comfortable in your own language at our Facebook messenger and if you have any question we will be there to answer https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan

Beside our Husha with Fan and shared bathroom we also have


* Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom

* Standard bungalow with shared bathroom

have Air-conditioning at Bedouin Star camp Ras shitan Sinai

If you want to see photos of our Deluxe bungalow - Standard bungalow or Husha

Check our chat manager in Facebook messenger https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan Or our website www.bedouinstar.org

👙🏊 Photo of our swimming pool 💖

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🔆🌼 We have photos of our rooms inside and outside

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