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Egypt beach vacation, at one of worlds most beautiful beaches

Updated: Sep 3

🌊☀ Egypt Beach vacation 🌼🌊

Did you try a special Egypt beach vacation

Egypt has the most beautiful beaches in the world. *The sea has a nice temperature in the summer of 27 degrees and in the winter of 22 degrees. Therefore many people love to swim and snorkel in the Red sea, beside the temperature of the water snorkelling is an experience you do not forget easy, due to its abundant sea life and easy to reach from the beach.

Bedouin Star - Ras shetan camp - snorkelling
Snorkelling near the coral reef

It is easy to book a flight with hotel and stay at the beach for weeks. But if you are looking for something a little bit more special, you do not want to stay in a hotel but in a bungalow at the beach, just meters from the sea.

Bedouin Star has everything you need for a great beach vacation in Egypt.

Bedouin Star - Ras shetan camp - Hammock
Relaxing in the hammock

Waking up by the sound of the sea, and when you open the door the sea is there. Your bungalow has a terrace with pillows and an Hammock. You can have your breakfast (included in the price) at your terrace or in our open air restaurant. An Egyptian breakfast, which you will miss when you go home.

There is an easy access to the coral reef in front of our beach, where you can snorkel as long as you like.

Our swimming pool with a beautiful view to the sea is very popular and great to relax on one of the chaise lounge in the day.

Our buffet serves nice hot and cold drinks, you should try our fruit juice.

Relax it is Egypt beach vacation

With year around a nice climate, warm weather and convenient ways to arrive Egypt is a great beach vacation paradise.

We have 4 different kind of rooms, you can choose the one best for your needs

Overview of all our rooms

Bungalow with private bathroom and air condition

Standard bungalow with shared bathroom and air condition or fan

Husha/bamboo hut with shared bathroom and fan

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Egypt beach vacation


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* https://www.seatermperature.net/egypt

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