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Do you see the dates growing at the beach in Sinai Egypt - האם אתה רואה את התאריכים צומחים בחוף הים

🐫💖🌊🐫💖🌊🐫💖🌊🐫💖🌊🐫💖🌊🐫💖🌊 Do you see the dates growing at our palm tree at Bedouin Star beach camp Ras shetan Nuweiba Sinai Egypt ☀ Do you want information. 👇👇 click messages in our Facebook 👇👇 👙🏊 Photo of our swimming pool 💖 https://m.me/BedouinStarRasShitan .👉👉 Check our prices 👈👈 🔆🌼 We have photos of our rooms inside and outside 🎯↘↙ Information about directions We wrote the information for you in English - Italian - Français - Nederlands - Norsk - Español - עברית


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