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Why, Bungalow Egypt be set to fall in love by the adventure

Updated: May 6

There are many different kind of rooms to choose from when you are planning your holiday at the beach of Egypt.

Most of them are stone and cement rooms as in most hotels in Egypt

Great to know for you that there is an amazing alternative: you can also stay in a bungalow in Egypt at the beach, you read it correct.

Waking up by the sound of the sea

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of a rippling sea just close to your bungalow, this is how you will slowly wake up.

As you open the door of your bungalow, the sea and the beach will make you relaxed and feel far away from daily life. It is relaxing holiday time.

The sea with its different bright blue colour, formed by the coral reef in front of the sea, a picture to remember.

Egypt beach, with the different colours blue formed by the coral reef
Egypt beach, with the different colours blue formed by the coral reef

Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom and air conditioning

If you like a little bit comfort but not the stone and cement hotel rooms, staying in a bungalow in Egypt at the beach can be an experience you will never forget.

Bedouin Star has a Deluxe bungalows which provide a bit extra comfort with a private bathroom with hot shower and air conditioning.

Staying at the beach in Egypt in summer time is a great experience and the air conditioning is a great addition to the bungalow.

Egypt bungalow with private bathroom
Egypt bungalow with private bathroom

Deluxe bungalow Egypt, with private bathroom and air conditioning
Deluxe bungalow Egypt, with private bathroom and air conditioning

Why do you want to stay in a bungalow in Egypt

The whole year you are working and you go from home a stone with cement building to work another stone with cement building. Maybe staying outside only the time you walk to your car

Staying in hotel or home stay will bring you again in a cement, stone building and when you step out of the door you will be seeing more cement and stone.

If you need the feeling of being outside in your holidays, you will enjoy the bungalow in Egypt at Bedouin Star beach. The Hammock in your private terrace can become your best friend.

The terrace of your bungalow is a great place to stay to relax, but there is much more to do, think about snorkelling the easy to access coral reef in front off the beach and don't forget to take a dive in the swimming pool, also great by night under the stars

You will be spending your time outside mostly of the day and night, enjoying the warm weather year around.

The Deluxe bungalow is simple, beds with sheet and pillow, air conditioning and private bathroom with hot shower a small sink and a toilet.

Bungalow in Egypt will be a great beach experience

With a fairly price the Deluxe bungalow is great for staying with friends or family.

If you are on a budget, Bedouin Star has also other bungalow with shared bathroom and Air conditioning, or Husha / Bamboo hut with shared bathroom and fan.

For information about our Deluxe bungalow have a look at our website https://www.bedouinstar.org/deluxebungalow

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