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Do you look for a mind blowing beach holiday near a paradise sea?

Updated: Sep 17

When you ask somebody about Nuweiba, the answer you probably will get is a very beautiful sea area with amazing beaches.

Beaches stretching from north till south, and we are 20 minutes drive north of the centre of Nuweiba in a popular area called Ras Shetan.

Bedouin Star has a beautiful coral reef in front of the beach, great for snorkelling. Swimming in the sea is almost comfortable the whole year with a temperature of +20 c degrees. Refreshing is also our swimming pool, and a great place to relax around.

If you look for an idyllic beach holiday outside the city of Nuweiba in a room at the beach, Bedouin Star has 4 different kind rooms to choose from, what fits with your needs.

Just for you to know, our rooms at the beach are actually small cabins, made of wood or bamboo.

Our wooden cabins, we named them Bungalow, we have bungalow with private bathroom and air condition or bungalow with shared bathroom and air condition or fan.

Our special cabins made of bamboo are called in the area Husha, our Husha are made of bamboo and with shared bathroom and a fan.

Overview of all our rooms:


Bungalow with private bathroom and air condition


Standard bungalow with shared bathroom and air condition or fan


Husha/bamboo hut with shared bathroom and fan


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