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Frequently asked questions

Ras Shetan area

How to get to Ras Shetan

How to get to Ras Shetan Private taxi, order him in advance, the driver will pick you up at the border and bring you directly to the place you want to go Minibus "taxi"waiting at the border, this minibus will normally wait until it is full and then bring everybody to the place they want to go

What to do in Ras Shetan

When you are totally relaxed and curious about the area, there are beautiful trips to discover the area

  1. Wadi Wish Washi, beautiful pool in the desert, enjoy the walk as well
  2. Watching the area from the mountain, in sunny days the sunset is amazing here
  3. Shopping Nuweiba, you can find great souvenirs in Nuweiba city
  4. The mountains near bir sweir, find yourself in another world, surrounded by mountains with all kind of colors

Where is Ras Shetan

Ras Shetan is a beach strip located 10 km north of Nuweiba and 70 km south of Taba in South Sinai. From Taba it takes about 45 minutes by car, if you come from Dahab it will take you about 1 hour by car

Beach activities

After relaxing and enjoying the view, you can enjoy Ras Shitan area by foot, or take a camel ride. Also the area is famous for its beautiful coral reef, which you can see easily by snorkeling from the beach or if you like by scuba diving Boat rides and fishing is also popular

Where is Bedouin Star in Ras Shetan area

Bedouin Star is one of the north camps in the area called Ras Shetan, just 1 kilometer walking from the supermarket near the road


Do the rooms have a private bathroom

Our Deluxe bungalow has a private bathroom If you choose a Standard bungalow or a Husha, you can use our shared bathroom The shared bathroom has cabins with showers and toilet We are proud of our shared bathroom as it is said by many people the most clean shared bathroom they have seen in the area

Do the rooms have electricity

All our rooms have electricity day and night The sockets fit for telephone chargers. In case you forgot to bring an adaptor because you need a different kind of socket, just let us know we can help you

Are there sheets on the bed

All our beds come with clean sheets

When do I pay for the accomodation

At the end of your stay you can pay your bill at the reception, we accept Euro's - Us Dollars - Shekels and Egyptian pounds

Do I have to bring money from my home country to pay the accomodation

You can pay us in Euro, Us Dollar or Shekel In case there are also many ATM; at the border in Taba, at the airport in Sharm el Sheikh or in Nuweiba The ATM accept Europas, Maestro and some VISA

Do you have room with Air condition

We have 2 kind of bungalow with air condition * Deluxe bungalow with private bathroom has Air condition * Standard bungalow with shared bathroom has Air condition


Is there a restaurant at Bedouin Star beach

We have a nice restaurant, our kitchen makes delicouse local food We recommend our grilled fish or chicken from the barbecue But of course also dont forget the popular pizza If you have a diet or dont eat certain products, let us know when you order

What time is Breakfast served

Breakfast is served until 12.00 o clock All our packages come included breakfast When here you just come to the restaurant and order your breakfast If you have any diet or you can not eat all products let us know when ordering

Can I have a room without breakfast

All our rooms come with breakfast, the price is the same if you take a breakfast or not

Travel information

How to get to Bedouin Star from Eilat - Taba border

* Private taxi, there will be taxis waiting at the border, tell them you want to go to Bedouin Star (Hassein) in Ras Shetan close to the supermarket In case tell the taxi driver the place in Ras Shetan with a swimming pool. * It is also possible to share a taxi from the border, just ask for a shared taxi, this minibus will normally wait until it is full and then bring everybody to the place they want to go

Do you also sell airplane tickets

Do you also sell airplane tickets It is only possible to book accomodation at our vacationpark, airplane tickets to Sharm el Sheikh or Cairo can be booked at the internet. We can help you arrange you a taxi from the airport

How do I book a flight at the internet

For booking a flight we use the following sites of*Tip for the cheapest ticket it could be good to also checkthe indicated air companies

How to get to Bedouin Star from Sharm el Sheikh airport

We recommend you to take a taxi driver waiting outside the airport, tell him to go to Bedouin Star in Nuweiba - Ras shetan. For directions let the driver call us at 01002617272 or 01140572482 If you like to know the current price of a one way taxi trip send us an email at

How to get to Bedouin Star from Cairo

There are a few ways to get to Bedouin Star beach from Cairo * Own car * By Airplane from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh from there a taxi to our beach * Private taxi from Cairo * Public bus from Cairo Webus, East Delta bus telephone 20 693 660600 Superjet bus telephone 20 693 661622